Xian Taima on 2018 Shenzhen Ecig Expo



On April 13th, 2018, very early in the morning, we four, Messi Yao, Mary Hu, Amy Yang and me, took the 7:35 plane from Xi’an to Shenzhen. We needed to fully prepare for the coming Ecig exhibition on next day.



This was the third time for Xi’an Taima tooking part in the exhibition: The same time, the same place, but with much more stronger enthusiasm and expectation.



Although the status of the international vape market seems not so good from last year, we are still sticking to it all the time: We strongly believe that we can walk out of an unusual way, create Taima’s own mode, the road to success.


A)We have lots of customers from Russia.


Photo shown below  is one of our customers from Russia. He has been in our country for years and has tried our samples ever before.

Our great honor to see and receive him on the exhibiton. We had a pleasant talk and he ordered for more samples at the scene. Parcel now is on the way, happily.

Xian Taima on 2018 Shenzhen Ecig ExpoB)Below is also for our customers from Russia.


One of them has cooperated with our company over 6 years. On this year’s exhibition, he took his friends who are planing to start his vape business to us, many thanks for him and his friends, they took some samples for test,

Thank you all who have ever supported us; who are supporting us all the time; and who will support us in the future.

And with best wishes for you all.


Xian Taima on 2018 Shenzhen Ecig ExpoC)Customers from Egypt, had a very pleasant talk with them.Xian Taima on 2018 Shenzhen Ecig Expo

D)New customers from Japan, showing strong interest in our products pure nicotine and flavors. Hope have the chance to cooperate with them in the future.

Xian Taima on 2018 Shenzhen Ecig Expo


Xi’an Taima Biological Engineering Co. Ltd. was founded in 2008, specializing in vape related industry over 9 years. We mainly manufacture 99.99% pure nicotine, diluted nicotine with different specification, and varied concentrate flavors for e liquid; also supply nicotine salt powder, cooling agent WS-23, WS-5, WS-3,, etc., and Ethyl Maltol, sucralose and so on. (Xian Taima on 2018 Shenzhen Ecig Expo)


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