Q & A


  1. Why Choose Xi’an Taima for E Liquid Raw Materials?

    For Service-Oriented&The Professional Supremacy!

  2. What are Featured Products?

    Specializing in pure nicotine, diluted nicotine with different specification, and varied vape flavors for years. Now also supply nicotine salt powder, cooling agent WS-23, WS-12, WS-5, WS-3, etc., and other additives like sucralose, ethyl maltol, and so on, all are high quality raw materials for e liquid making..

  3. How to Order

    List us all the items you want and the quantity; then send your mailed address

    (Mailed Address always includes contact name, address information, contact phone, etc.)

    We complete and send you the PI (Proforma Invoice) for price and payment details

    You pay through T/T, Western Union or PayPal

    We arrange the delivery and send you the tracking number later when get it.