Pure Nicotine

  • pure nicotine
  • pure nicotine

99.99% USP grade liquid nicotine; used for e liquid/vape juice; dilution is needed for finished e liquid


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Pure Nicotine

Product Name:  pure nicotine (also called 99.99% nicotine, 1000mg/ml nicotine)


*         Brand Name: Xi’an Taima

*         Extract Part: Natural Tobacco Leaf

*         CAS No: 54-11-5

*         International Code: 61868

*         Analysis Method: HPLC

*         Molecular Formula: C10H14N2

*         formula Weight:162.23

*         Purity: 99.99% (can be diluted by PG or VG into lower size)

*         Appearance: Colorless Transparent Liquid

*         Grade: USP grade, compliant with European Pharmacopoeia

*         Sample Size: 20ml

*         Customary Packing: 500ml, 1 liter (can pack according to customers’ request)

*         Low MOQ: 500ml/1 liter

*         Shelf Life: 2 years if properly stored

*         Storage Conditions: Low Temperature; Protected from Light

*         Application – E-Liquid/E Juice/E Cigarette/Vape Juice/Shisha Tobacco …


  1. Applied in bio-pesticide. It can be used to produce bio-pesticide of high-effective, low toxicity and low residue.
  2. Applied in medical area. It can be used to treat Alzheimer.
  3. Applied in smoke quitting. It can be used to made e-juice, nicotine patches and other smoke quitting products
  4. Used as an additive to manufacture food, nutrition and health care products, flavors and fragrances, cosmetics, and animal feeds.
  5. Used in Nicotine replacement therapy. High purity can help china-smoker quit smoking and also can prevent non-smoker antist   smoking.


Xi’an Taima Biological Engineering Co. Ltd. was founded in 2008, specializing in vape related industry over 9 years. We mainly manufacture 99.99% pure nicotine, diluted nicotine with different specification, and varied concentrate flavors for e liquid; also supply nicotine salt powder, cooling agent WS-23, WS-5, WS-3,, etc., and Ethyl Maltol, sucralose and so on. (pure nicotine)


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18 Responses to Pure Nicotine
  1. Hello!

    I am interested in your product pure nicotine.

    Is it 1000mg/ml?

    And please show me the price info and shipping method to Ukraine.


    • Hello, Andrew, thank you for your inquiry first.

      I’ve sent related details to your email, you can check it now or later.

      And kindly give me a short reply please, I’d like to share more products’ details with you.

      Thank you.


  2. Hi. Im from malaysia. I would like to buy 500ml nicotine in base 50/50 pg vg. How much will it cost? Please reply me ASAP. I need to buy it urgent. My contact num +601136695519

    • By the way, besides pure nicotine, we also manufacture and supply kinds of concentrate flavors for e liquid, very popular across the international vape market, you can have a try if any interest. Especially fruit flavors such as mango series flavors, very popular in your country, worth you trying.

      With all best wishes for you.


    • Hello, Navin Kumar, how are you recently?

  3. Hello, i am interested in your product, could you please send me by mail a price list for smaller bottles like 20ml sample or 50 / 100 ml
    and the shipping cost to Romania.


    • Hello, Kojak,

      Thank you so much for your inquiry.

      And hope the info I’ve emailed you will do any help.

      Best Regards,
      Marvel 🙂

  4. Hello,

    can you tell me by email, the price and shippinhg costs and methods, of a 20 ml sample or if is possible to make a 50ml sample.

    Thank you

  5. Hello,

    I’m from Portugal.

  6. I would like to get more details on your pure nic per L.

    • Hello, Tristan Rodriguez,

      I am Marvel here, thank you so much for your inquiry about our product first.

      Later, our sales staff Alice Tao will contact with you, and she will be responsible for all your orders.

      Believe that she will provide you with superior service.

      Best Regards,

  7. Hi there,
    interested in details of your pure nicotine and concentrated juice flavours, including shipping costs to Australia.

    • Hello, Kylie,

      I am Marvel here, sorry for the late reply.

      About our products, I’ve sent general details to your email, you can check it now or later; thank you so much.

      with kind regards,


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