The story so far is a little confusing. Companies offering nicotine salt vape juices claim that it’s much more satisfying to vape than traditional freebase nicotine e-liquid, and yet the tobacco industry appears to have come to the exact opposite conclusion. Are the e-liquid companies missing something? Is nicotine salt e-liquid just a marketing gimmick? This would […]

It’s no longer traced when the vape industry started. The fact before your eyes is that said industry is expanding with a quiet growth, day by day. Speaking of Russia, as a deeply hot vaping country, although the market have been in the state of depression for a period of time, it is temporary, to […]

Taking a step away from the science of nicotine salt e-juice, what does this all mean for you as a user? Why should you try nicotine salts rather than just sticking to ordinary freebase nicotine juice?   You’ll get more nicotine, more quickly:In general, nicotine salts formed using a suitable acid and paired with the right sort […]

Xian Taima on 2018 Shenzhen Ecig Expo

Xian Taima on 2018 Shenzhen Ecig Expo     On April 13th, 2018, very early in the morning, we four, Messi Yao, Mary Hu, Amy Yang and me, took the 7:35 plane from Xi’an to Shenzhen. We needed to fully prepare for the coming Ecig exhibition on next day.     This was the third […]


RELATED TO VAPING LIQUID       Manchester-based Supreme is set to become the first vaping company to list its shares on the London stock market.   The company, which makes vaping liquid for e-cigarettes, plans to list its shares on AIM, a junior market on the London Stock Exchange.   Supreme, which also sells batteries […]

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How likely is your e-cigarette to explode? By Laurel Ives – BBC Health A man in America died when his vape pen exploded, but how dangerous are e-cigarettes?   The case has made headlines around the world, and is believed to be the first death caused by vaping products in the US.   The man, […]

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  More adults are trying e-cigarettes but fewer are sticking with the habit, suggests US research. (From BBC news)   The number of adults who tried vaping rose between 2014 and 2016 but ongoing use fell, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) says. E-cigarettes – which deliver nicotine but not tar – have been […]

Malaysian Mango Flavor

July 11, 2018
Malaysian Mango Flavor

Malaysian Mango Flavor, popular mango flavors in Malaysia and UK market   Across the e liquid market, people’s like to concentrate flavors differs greatly from different countries or regions. For now, there are three main flavors widely circulating across the market: Tobacco taste, fruit taste, mint taste. These three are the featured tastes. And there […]

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2019 IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo  (Pure Nicotine Vape) WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU AT BOOTH NO 8A35 (Pure Nicotine Vape) IECIE Shenzhen Station: “IECIE Electronic Cigarette Exhibition” B2B one-stop exhibition platform, April 14-16, 2019, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 6/7/8/9, exhibition area 37500㎡.  (Pure Nicotine Vape) As the center of the global electronic tobacco industry, […]