About US

Xi’an Taima Biological Engineering Co. Ltd. was founded in November 19th, 2008, consists of Nicotine/Flavors R&D centers, QC& QA center, Administrative Center and A High-Performing Sales Team. We are specializing in the manufacture of Pure Nicotine, diluted nicotine with different specification, varied high concentrated flavors for E-Liquid in China. Since its inception, we are aiming at providing every customer with top best quality products and superior service at a reasonable and competitive price, all the time. And in the past years, we’ve gained great progress.


Now business grows and expanded under the strength of the collective …


Besides pure nicotine and concentrate flavors, we now also provide the customers with nicotine salt powder, cooling agent WS-23, WS-5, WS-3, WS-12, and other additives such as ethyl maltol, sucralose, etc.. Customers are able to get most raw materials for e liquid making from us, we’ve gained a win-win cooperation.


  • Pure Nicotine – 99.99% USP grade nicotine, almost 1000mg/ml
  • Varied Flavor – Tobacco/Fruit/Mint/Flower/Herb/Wine/Dessert/Al fakher flavors, etc.
  • Diluted Nicotine – 24mg/ml, 36mg/ml, 48mg/ml, 72mg/ml, 100mg/ml, 150mg/ml, etc.
  • Cooling Agent – WS-23, WS-5, WS-3, WS-12
  • Other Additives – Ethyl Maltol, Sucralose
  • Emerging Products – Nicotine Salt Powder